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Our Mission at Digital Technology Foundation is to enable organisations maximise sustainable value creation through access to next-generation digital technologies and digital finance.

Our Technologies


As the core of all of our business, our proprietary Blockchain is developed with the Blockchain Information Exchange (BIX) protocol
Blockchain information


Democratize fundraising and investing globally. Allowing the masses to join the investment world using blockchain and A.I. technologies on our STO platform.


Addressing opportunities related to Smart Cities, Smart Agriculture, Smart Retail, Smart Sports and much more with award winning technology.


Payment solutions focused on empowering communities through digital enablement including revolutionary payment solutions and digital banking.

Our Proposition

At Digital Technology Foundation we strive to bring new Technologies, Innovation, Service and Value to businesses and communities around the globe.  Digital Technology Foundation will bring to market proprietary technologies, developed by heads of industry, with the intention of solving real business problems and/or filling gaps in the digital marketplace while generating ongoing value and significantly reducing costs for our customers and  communities.

In this way we bring together the world of Technology, Finance, and People.

Digital Technology Foundation has at its disposal a range of “frontier” technologies, the confluence of which will further push the boundaries in this age of digital technology.  By harnessing these technologies, we can introduce new perspectives and create new possibilities for individuals, businesses, and communities which will enhance our lives, our health and our enjoyment and quality of life.

The technologies of payment solutions, Blockchain, Internet of Things (IoT), and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are all well established and are already being exploited throughout the world. However, at present, there are not many blockchain networks that have successfully addressed opportunities in (a) integrating these technologies and (b) deriving the benefits for society in general as well as for business and consumers.

Digital Technology Foundation plans to change this and at its core is our proprietary Blockchain.  Blockchain is a financial technology that acts as an immutable ledger.  To-date it is best known for managing cryptocurrencies, but it is also extremely useful in providing an authentic audit trail for any transaction. Our Blockchain is developed with a proprietary Blockchain Information Exchange (BIX) protocol developed entirely in assembly “C”, a programming language that incorporates the highest financial technology (fintech) standards including efficiency, security, redundancy, and transparency.

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