Blockchain, Payments, IoT, STO and A.I.

Payments Solutions

Our card solutions seek to facilitate the ability to spend cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies in real time. We anticipate a captive 30,000+ member community that is ready to adopt this solution but we also believe there are significant opportunities to grow and develop this offering among numerous communities, businesses and other groups globally.

Revenue will be derived from transaction fees and subscription payments for current and future functionalities that will be available on the cards

Our payments solutions focuses on empowering communities and provides them with peer-to-peer and mobile-to-mobile payments solutions on the Android and iOS platforms – an addressable market that exceeds 2 billion people worldwide.  This solution empowers the underserved and underbanked and enables loyalty programmes for communities and organisations.


Our proprietary blockchain allows customers to leverage cloud based solutions to build, host and use their own blockchain / blockchain apps, smart contracts and more. We plan to manage all aspects to keep the infrastructure agile and operational for consumers and enterprises alike.

The blockchain protocol described above is now being used by governments to enable their solutions, and enables both encrypted big data storage at exceedingly low costs relative to other blockchain networks and decentralized tokenisation capabilities powered by existing smart contracts – the ultimate enabler for project finance, crowdfunding, loyalty token generation, and remittance.

Artificial Intelligence A.I.

Our A.I. technology partners have more than 100 use cases across many sectors including banking, finance, capital markets, agriculture, urban planning and infrastructure, transportation, and much more.  Developed by former high-ranking government officials and technology specialists, these AI solutions can be applied to blockchain, payments, digital banking and Internet of Things (IoT) to manage complex data sets, extract more value from data, and optimise actionable outcomes.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Our plan aims to incorporate engagement and interaction solutions on our proprietary platform to address opportunities in Smart Cities, Smart Agriculture, Smart Health, Smart Sports, Stadiums, Fan Engagement and Smart Retail. Our unique Internet of Things (IoT) solution is integrated with our proprietary blockchain technology, positioning us to address opportunities in a market estimated to reach US$ 1.6 trillion in revenue by 2025.

Security Token Offerings (STO)

One of the advancements in the blockchain industry over the past couple of years involves the development of security tokens, cryptographically-generated digital assets that represent traditional securities such as equities and bonds, and other types of assets.

Unlike earlier forms of digital assets such as utility tokens, security tokens generally involve a higher degree of compliance with securities industry regulations. Security tokens seek to eliminate some of the friction related to the transfer of non-listed alternative assets and other types of private assets, resulting in enhanced liquidity and opportunities for token issuers and investors.

In seeking to democratise access to capital formation, security token market participants benefit from the customizability of securities, offering token issuers greater autonomy through programmable smart contracts on blockchains to connect with investors seeking to participate in alternative assets and gain market exposure to non-traditional investment opportunities. Digital Technology Foundation is initially participating in the industry by serving as an accredited Digital Asset Agent.  In this capacity, Digital Technology Foundation has been asked to serve a licenced and regulated Security Token Offering platform by assisting third-party security token industry participants comply with their regulatory requirements.

By fulfilling these responsibilities when called upon, Digital Technology Foundation envisions significant opportunities may arise to deploy some of its blockchain technology applications and other technology solutions.  As the security token industry continues to evolve and expand, Digital Technology Foundation may have the opportunity to play an increasing role in this exciting industry.

CAT e-Business
CAT e-Business
CAT Blockchain
Thai CAT Telecom keeps businesses ahead of the competition with Blockchain as a Service (BaaS), the ultimate solution in reliability and accuracy. The CAT Blockchain supports all types of businesses and a variety of applications on their platform, enhancing business operations with new functionality and capabilities.
Smart Stadiums
Smart Stadiums
Fan Engagement
Opportunities through IoT technology for maps and navigation for fans at Stadiums / Events, exclusive in stadium content and experiences and Social Media interaction globally, augmented Reality tours and much more.
Smart Farming
Smart Farming
Smart Farming
Smart Farming using our award winning IoT and A.I. technologies to increase the efficiency and quality of agricultural operations. Harnessing our proprietary technologies for Supply Chain management, soil scanning, data management, and much much more.
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